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Knitting kits

Knitting kits

Latvia has a long tradition of knitting. Historically young women believed they had to fill up a large chest with knitted mittens to have a successful marriage. The mittens were then given out to guests at the wedding.


We as a family are crazed for knitting as well and these are the most popular kit series from HOBBYWOOL.

The basic mittens are all authentic, historical and come from our heritage library.

Most of the symbols on these mittens are many centuries old. If you feel like visiting the past then knit a pair of your own authentic Latvian mittens. It takes a bit of patience but the result will surprise you as well as your friends.

All of the mittens are made from 100% pure wool!

Everything we offer you has been a long hours patiently handmade!

The wool comes from a family owned farm and is sheared by hands and then made into wool.
The wool is rolled up by hands. Even the kit box is handmade.

And finally it is made by your hands! Handmade with love!