Can You Knit Like a Latvian?

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Latvian Mittens

Latvian culture of knitting mittens

Magical Significance

For several centuries in Latvia mittens were the main form of gift and endowed with magical significance.

Essential Part

Nowadays Latvian mittens, diverse in their colours and patterns are still an essential part of our winter clothing.

Mitten Story

Every mitten has its own story, as every pattern knitted has its own meaning and brings with its own wish.

Latvian Tradition

Most of these patterns have been derived from the Latvian tradition of deities and gods.

Tasks and Mission

Every deity and god had its own tasks and mission and it was represented by one or more symbols that characterised it.

Perfect Gift

This knitting kit is a perfect gift for knitting enthusiasts or the ones who only learn how to knit!

Knitting kit
"Knit Like a Latvian"

With this kit You will learn how to make a pair of genuine latvian mittens. In „Knit Like a Latvian” box You will find:

  • Colour Pattern
  • Woollen yarn in selected colours for a pair of mittens size M/L
  • Step - by – step recipe of a mitten

"Knit Like a Latvian"

50 Knitting Patterns for a Fresh Take on Traditional Latvian Mittens
Ieva Ozolina (author)

  • Knit yourself a pair of stunning Latvian mittens with this collection of traditional Latvian mitten knitting patterns. There are 50 different styles to choose from including simpler variations of the mittens such as fingerless gloves and wrist warmers. So, even if you are an inexperienced knitter you can create a beautiful traditional design.
  • Knitted mittens have always played an important role in traditional Latvian culture: girls are taught to knit at a young age and it is traditional for brides to give mittens as a gift to guests on their wedding day.
  • This collection captures the essence of these stunning folk patterns and shows how you can mix these traditional designs with your contemporary wardrobe.
book knit like a latvian

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Knitting Lovers

Latvia has a long tradition of knitting. Historically young women believed they had to fill up a large chest with knitted mittens to have a successful marriage. The mittens were then given out to guests at the wedding.
We as a family are crazed for knitting as well.
The owner of HOBBYWOOL Ieva Ozolins quit her chief financial officer position at a large company in order pursue her dream of opening a wool and knitting shop. Which is still open in the heart of Oldtown Riga, Latvia.
HOBBYWOOL is a family company. The husband and children help running it as well. Together the family has made numerous knitting projects, for example the Latvian speed knitting championship, knitting graffiti etc.
We as a family strongly believe that if you do something you have to do it right. That is exactly why we make sure our wool is of the highest quality and gathered from well cared for sheep. We highly value hand-made work which is made from pure materials.

How they're made

Everything we offer you has been a long hours patiently handmade!

The wool comes from a family owned farm and is sheared by hands and then made into wool.
The wool is rolled up by hands. Even the kit box is handmade.

And finally it is made by your hands! Handmade with love!

Our Products

Handmade with Love...

Latvian Mittens DIY Pattern
knitting kit

The most popular kit series from HOBBYWOOL. New kits are constantly added to the series. The basic mittens are all authentic, historical and come from our heritage library. Most of the symbols on these mittens are many centuries old. If you feel like visiting the past then knit a pair of your own authentic Latvian mittens. It takes a bit of patience but the result will surprise you as well as your friends. All of the mittens are made from 100% pure wool!

Latvian Socks DIY Pattern
knitting kit

The sock series are focused more towards beginners. In the past the socks were worn inside winter boots. When you finish a pair of your own you can wear them in rainy autumn evenings or as slippers at home or when you’re warming up by the fireplace with your pet, a cup of warm tea and a good book.

Muhu Mittens DIY Pattern
knitting kit

Muhu island is a peculiar cultural place - a small island in the Baltic Sea, Off the coast of Estonia. Ornaments and patterns from the island are quite unique. Colours and their combinations fascinate and bring joy! We were inspired to create the mitten series from the Muhu island sock patterns. Take yourself to a wonderful, breathtaking trip into the colourful world of Muhu mittens and be blown away by the results!

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